Guiding Vision/Campus Pride


For over 40 years, The College Poster Sale Company’s guiding vision has been and continues to be led by the principle of  having the most diverse multicultural staff, employing folks from all different ethnic backgrounds and orientations. We strongly support and believe in an inclusive environment where our employees, our student customers and our partners all feel empowered to share their experiences and ideas. Suggestions by our college students for new imagery and art submissions by student artists have always been, and continues to be encouraged. The College Poster Sale Company is recognized as the most respected and progressive traveling poster sale company in our nation. As the largest manufacturers and publishers of posters in the United States, we pride ourselves with the ability to offer our students the largest, the most diverse selection, and the most economically affordable back to school poster sale event in the country, bar none. With the ability to garner more sales than any other traveling poster sale, we pay our staff and our university fundraising partners the highest commissions as well. We look forward to continuing our legacy as we also envision a future that includes principles that continue to guide us along these same standards.

Proud Supporter of Campus Pride! 

About Campus Pride

Campus Pride and join forces to bring LGBTQ+ support and visibility.  A portion of proceeds from the Campus Pride poster series goes to help the organization provide LGBTQ+ advocacy, leadership and social justice programs. Campus Pride is the leading national organization for LGBTQ+ student leaders and campus groups, working with hundreds of thousands students, faculty and staff at over 1400+ colleges and universities.  Learn more online at